Council Motions & Questions 21 Jan2014



To be moved by Councillor Shabbir Seconded by Councillor Ahmed

This Council notes and acknowledges that the proposals set out in the Children’s Centre Consultation do not have the backing and or support of the majority of parents living in the Bradford District.

Furthermore, the council proposal undermine easy access, increase costs, place families at risk and potentially undermines the long term strategy to improve education attainment and job market entry to the most vulnerable in Bradford.

In particular Frizinghall residents and parents are concerned that their local children’s centre will be closing and this will put considerable financial strain on parents living in the area.

Council notes that the process of consultation within Bradford Council has become extremely poor and inadequate The Council notes and supports the petition of parents.

The Council resolves to:

  • Protect front line services for all parents
  • All children’s centres are accessible to parents and do not place an additional burden on parents either financial or other physical barriers
  • That alternative proposals that have been submitted are considered
  • Council officers undertake to meet the resident s of Frizinghall and other affected areas


To be moved by Councillor Karmani Seconded by Councillor Collector

That with the addition and deletion of the appropriate words, the recommendation be amended to read as follows:

That we also recognise the great sacrifice made by soldiers and support personnel from the commonwealth nations who played a direct role especially those related to communities from our district in particular South Asian, African and Caribbean.   To acknowledge the scale of this sacrifice in the First World War, that by the end of war in 1918, India had sent over one million volunteer troops to fight side by side with the British; Muslims were disproportionately involved.  They saw action in France and Belgium; in Gallipoli and Salonica; in East Africa; in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Persia.  Over 47,000 were killed and 65,000 were wounded.   That we also encourage schools in the district to acknowledge this in their curriculum through promoting resources such as the ‘We were there’ exhibition and archive developed by the Ministry of Defence that documents the participation and contribution made by ethnic minority communities to the British Armed forces.


Councillor Karmani : Can the Leader clarify on the action that has been taken locally to address problem gambling in particular given that there has been a rise in the number of fixed odd betting machines nationally and locally and in particular what support services are available for people with gambling addiction locally and if this is being funded by the Council?

Councillor Karmani : What strategy do we have in place to reduce the number of NEETs in Bradford both in terms of current NEETS and future NEETS given that regionally we have one of the highest proportions of NEETS in the UK and what assurances do we have that we are providing long-term employment and education opportunities for these young people and not just short term measures that enable us to present more favourable statistics. Can you also clarify that this activity is taking place in those wards that have the highest youth unemployment and levels of NEETs?

Councillor Shabbir : Can the Deputy Leader inform me the outcome of the discussions that he has held with the road works team? Specifically he will recall the work on Scotchman Road and the fiasco of the coinciding road works with three schools. Can we ensure that this won’t happen again in any part in Bradford and that road works need to be coordinated with schools properly? Road works such as this put lives at risk

Councillor Shabbir : Can the leader of the council assure us that BRI has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that it complies with the inspection findings and that residents of Bradford will continue to receive appropriate care and treatment at BRI.

Councillor Shabbir : Can the portfolio holder provide me with an update on the drainage problem on Keighley Road that I raised a number of council of meetings prior?