Council motions and questions Summary

People ask what has changed – I always say change comes from asking questions as the first step to providing transparency and accountability, and also having the courage to bring up difficult issues of the day which I think my colleagues on the bench opposite are not willing to put forward. We started as a group in 2012, by 2013 the number of questions in council had almost doubled which has resulted in a limit being imposed.  Below is a summary of the motions. Click the links for more details. Questions are not listed but can be found by clicking on the following links:

Please note February meeting is for the budget and the may meeting is shortened meeting (new mayor etc)

Council Meeting 21st January 2014

  • Motions
    • Children’s Centres Consultation
    • World War 1 Commemorations (Amendment)

Council Meeting 10th December 2013

  • Motions
    • Rev Paul Flowers – Bradfordian’s Want Crystal Clarity not Myths
    • Hamzah Khan Serious Case Review
    • Safeguarding of Youth Services

Council Meeting 22nd October 2013

  • Motions
    • Proscription of the EDL
    • Protecting Women’s Rights to Freedom of Expression

Council Meeting 9th July 2013

  • Motions
    • National Media Museum
    • Unfair Work Capability Assessments

Council Meeting 26th March 2013

Council Meeting 22nd January 2013

  • Motions
    • Gambling (fixed Odd Betting Terminal – the ‘Crack cocaine of gambling’)

Council Meeting 11th December 2012

Council Meeting 16th October 2012

  • Motions
    • Islamaphobia (The first motion on Islamaphobia in the whole of Europe)
    • Shisha Smoking

Council Meeting 10th July 2012

  • Motions
    • Youth Unemployment
    • New Family Migrant rules
    • Bradford Bulls
    • Defending the Welfare State

The following is a link to the council website for a full list of agenda and minutes