Council Motions & Questions 26 March 2013


Councillor Shabbir: Can Cllr Andrew Thornton assure the residents of Frizinghall and Bolton Woods that he will use every measure possible to get AWM to comply with legislation to prevent odours blighting the lives of residents. And that he has a robust inspection regime in place to test odours at times that actual waste is being stored and dumped at the AWM site and that Best Practicable Means are being used by the operator to alleviate any distress to residents.

Councillor Shabbir: Can the Portfolio Holder let us know what the £400k spent on City Park attractions has generated and returned for the district. And are there plans in place to get sponsorship for such events in the future?

Councillor Shabbir: Would the leader of the council conflate Jewishness/Judaism with Zionism or would he agree with me that this sends the wrong message to young people within the district and creates barriers to cohesion?

Councillor Faisal Khan: Has the leader considered consulting with the vast number of councillors in his own party that are from the largest ethnic minority community in Bradford on why their community is not represented at senior management level in the Council in order to try and establish the underlying reasons for this fact and why if they are good enough to be political leaders why the same community are not good enough to be senior executives in the Council? If he has not considered it can he do so and feedback to us their views.