Trojan Hoax

For several months (Spring 2014) the The Trojan Horse debacle has dominated the media – desperately looking for the ‘enemy of the state’ but found none. There were casualties in this frenzy – a ‘free’ press that takes conjecture for fact, Ofsted being politicised and a community demonized.

Those that had spent many years trying to improve schools were unceremoniously removed, myself included.

The following should shed light on how this played out, who the real plotters and also serves as a timeline for information that I sent out. Many are looking for simple answers and there are some, however the evidence to support that truth is complex, sometimes subtle and needs to be contextualised, there are multiple issues – some interlinked and some not.

Please note this is some backlog of material to put on here  – but I will be working through that over the coming days.


2 Aug 2014

Dear all, I submitted a complaint yesterday (1st Aug) to Ofsted about the inspection at Carlton Bolling College (CBC) Ofsted which ultimately I believe was designed to remove governors.

I’ve posted the whole submission onto facebook for you to see and and comment on

If you don’t have facebook then the it is also posted at the following link to view

In short it details our complaint
# The conduct, lack of independence and questioning by inspectors
# The influence of outside forces such as ex-Quilliam and the Henry Jackson society members in inspection in schools. In particular ‘false’ concern about Interpal
# Detailed examples of factual inaccuracies in the report
# Examples where ironically governors were criticised for following DFE guidance
# A true picture of the school, evidenced  – not the caricature of the school painted in the press.
# The absurdity of the extremism and safeguarding stick used to Judge CBC when the evidence is the reverse of this.
# What outcome we are expecting – namely to clear the name of the college, staff, students and governors.
# What has been done so far.

It s bit of a long read but it should be very informative of what the facts are – not some rumours being re-bleated by the likes of Berry & co and swallowed wholesale by others

Btw it is re-bleated not repeated

 25th July 2014

Following on from last week council debate, the outcome of the Laisterdyke petition was to send the investigation to the children scrutiny committee. This committee convened this Tuesday and the scope of the investigation has been expanded to cover Carlton Bolling college as well. The investigation will take place sometime after the Summer break – so in the meantime all those people who want to help – now is the time to prepare your statements as evidence.

As for Birmingham two reports have been published the Kershaw report and the Clarke report. As they say straight from the horse’s mouth, my contact in Birmingham is saying:
The only orchestrated plot is within Peter Clarke’s group, not in the schools.

Did u know these facts:
# Gove sets up his neoconservative think tank policy exchange in 2002.
# Peter Clark was the advisory member for the policy exchange.
# 2006 Gove publishes his book Celsius 7/7 he talks about Islam being a threat in a chapter called Trojan Horse.
# 2008 Gove is listed as adviser for Quilliam foundation to tackle the Wahabi plot.
# 2008 Ishtiaq Hussain becomes key figure in Quilliam; he writes for Douglas Murray!!!  Henry Jackson Society.
# 2009 the same Ishtiaq Hussain lands a job at the DFE and becomes lead investigator in the Trojan Horse.
# 2011 Micheal Wilshaw is appointed. Gove refers to him as a ‘hero’
# 2011 Gove and DFE as ishtiaq is in DFE inject £120k into Quilliam.
# 2012 Emily Dyer leaves DFE and joins Henry Jackson society. Strangely b4 her job at DFE she was working with Gove on the policy exchange.

Finally when the crap hits the fan
# 2013 Rashid Zaman Ali the founder of Quilliam who is also very active in the Henry Jackson society. Lands himself a job at PARKVIEW as an Arabic teacher to do his PGCE.
# He does not complete a full year he disappears as quick as he came in.
# He is also known to be very pally with Andrew Gilligan.
# and finally we have the puppet working in the community Khalid Mahmood who is the adviser to the Henry Jackson society.

Now after all this research tell me who has the plot???

As for Bradford, these anonymous voices cannot remain hidden forever… time will tell who used #trojanhoax for their own means and will be exposed.

18th July 2014

This morning the Ofsted report for Calrton Bolling College was published. In short what a piece of garbage. If you want to read a piece of creative fiction then the link can be found here.
On the other hand you want to hear what real parents, students and staff are saying then listen to the following BBC radio broadcast which completely contradicts the report (apologies for the link couldn’t embed the audio)

Predictably the letter from the local authority to remove us governors to be replaced by an IEB was pre-prepared and was emailed out at 8:27 this morning, resent again at 10:45 since they made a mistake and you know what they make a lot of mistakes, ie quote wrong bits of the legislation don’t follow the rules etc., as we are now becoming accustomed to in the whole trojan hoax affair is the state and authority do not have to follow rules and regulations like us mere mortals. So no consultation no chance to put our side of the story, judge jury executioner all in one ‘mission accomplished’.

I have learnt so much about British values. Today’s lesson, is democracy – its just good for exporting not to be actually exercised. We governors were democraticalyl elected however we were undemocratically removed.
Enjoy the audio and if you feel you want to do something – for now please write in the T&A comments on the following article.